Our Story

It all started out with a crazy idea about combining our passion for technology, permaculture and growing crops. Hackergarden is an on-going learning environment where we create software that help improve our gardening work and seed saving activities in an allotment garden.


The hackergardeneers


UI / UX Designer, Frontend Developer

Eve is a UI / UX Designer, Frontend Developer, active seed saver, permaculture enthusiast and passionate gardener, organises the crop rotation planning, composting systems and seedling care.


Software Engineer

Stefan is a senior Software Engineer with a passion for electrics and IoT, in charge of logistics, our watering system, data models and the technical architecture.


The allotment

The allotment garden has about 421 square meter. When we took over the garden in 2017 it was used as a recreational garden. Fortunate it had some really nice elderly fruit trees: an apricot tree, a plum tree, three peach trees, two old wine shrubs and some bushes of red and black currant. The rest was planted with mostly with decorative plants and hybrid flowers. In the last three years we created for about 150 square meter of vegetable beds and planted five gooseberry bushes, two more wine shrubs, two korean cherry trees (Prunus tomentosa), four hardy kiwi berry bushes, a serviceberry (Amelanchier) and a lot of bee-friendly perennials.

allotment garden 2018
allotment garden 2017

Allotment garden when we got it in 2017

allotment garden 2017

Some plant beds where already there

allotment garden 2018

And there was a lot of improvised stuff